e since 2015 that the wait list has been opened.

Residents could apply online for studio apartments for up to two people at Madeleine Village in North Beach and Neptune Apartments in South Beach.

Applicants had to have household incomes of no less than $8,868 and no more than $47,450 for a household of one and $54,200 for a household of two. The monthly rent for the studio apartments is $739. Up to 1,000 wait list applicants will be chosen on July 10 from pre-applications.

“It’s a powerful measure of what’s needed,” said Maria Ruiz, director of Miami Beach’s Office of Housing and Community Services. “Clearly there are a lot of people who are having a hard time keeping a roof over their heads. Opportunities like this to be able to provide safe, secure housing is something that is very valuable. There’s just a greater marketplace for people who are having a hard time finding what they can afford. These units provide an opportunity to those people who are struggling.”

The city currently has 51 studio apartment units designated as affordable housing.

Source:  Miami Herald (07/02/19) Waller, Allyson

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